February Koigu Journal

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Let's make something fast and frivolous As winter ends in the North we're looking for projects to match the change of light and how it makes us feel about colors. In the Southern half of the globe, you're changing toward Autumn and its earthier, red/gold colors. In all locales, it's time for a pretty little project. Frances is modeling a necklace crocheted in a simple motif that looks something like a pomegranate. Each motif is edged in the same color and has a bead placed at  the bottom for stability. They are then joined to a slip stitch beaded band...

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Koigu Journal January

#koigu #merino #freepattern #knitting #kpppm

Let's track a design from idea to finished garment The holiday celebrations are over for now and we think it's time to make something fun and a bit challenging for yourself. That was our first thought for this month. After a little brainstorming and inspiration, we decided to explore knitted motifs. It's easy to find crocheted motifs. Knitted ones are a bit scarcer. So we had to a bit of looking before we were happy. We found a leaf motif that uses a row of ridges placed regularly on a stockinette background. We liked this one because it's essentially a hexagon, which makes...

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Koigu Journal

August 2014 Our first issue! August will be over soon. Some people see this as an end. End of summer, end of freedom. At Koigu Wool Designs we'd like to view it as a happy beginning. A new season. A new school year. A new chance to create colorful, exciting projects in beautiful wools.So we're introducing this Koigu Journal, which we'll send out once a month. In it will be a new pattern, hints and tips about choosing colors, ideas and suggestions for variations on the project and whatever fun, interesting, colorful bits we come up with! This month's pattern...

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Koigu Journal September 2014

Let's Koigu this! This month we want to inspire you toward a next step in playing with colors. The Koigu philosophy has always been to speak through color and design is the tool Maie and Taiu have employed to translate, explore and embrace color. So this month we want to Koigu a simple T-shirt pullover with seven KPPPMs in the easiest kind of intarsia knitting- a regular group of stacked squares. Of course, the first fun bit is choosing. Try not to be too regimented in your choices. The pattern for the pullover included here uses brights and darks. They share...

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Koigu Journal October 2014

Let's talk about the next step in working with color: stranding Last month we featured a simple pullover worked in intarsia squares of variegated yarn. This time we want to knit a hat with a small, repeated stranded pattern. We've offered two options -- a skully and a more traditional watch cap style. We're using four colors of KPM in two different combinations. In this case, we recommend using Koigu's beautiful solids.  The best choices will have one dark, one light and two in between, so the pattern really pops. We chose some fairly bright, maybe more "girly" colors for one sample and...

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