Koigu Journal September 2014

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Let's Koigu this!

This month we want to inspire you toward a next step in playing with colors.
The Koigu philosophy has always been to speak through color and design is the tool
Maie and Taiu have employed to translate, explore and embrace color.

So this month we want to Koigu a simple T-shirt pullover with seven KPPPMs in the
easiest kind of intarsia knitting- a regular group of stacked squares.
Of course, the first fun bit is choosing. Try not to be too regimented in your choices.
The pattern for the pullover included here uses brights and darks. They share a few
things: blue, some grey, a touch of pinky red.
But they're different enough to stand out as units when put into squares.

You'll see some alternate colorways included here.
The swatch is a group of pale-ish colors unified by their being "stippled" with color.
That is, they are made up of misty dots of color rather than larger, denser lengths of color.
The second colorway variation contains dyelots that share pinks and oranges.
Add a touch of yellow and the occasional deep hint to make this one sing.
Finally, there's something in between: loud pink, heathered lavender, strong
purple, a dark stipple and a hint of light blue-green.
Have a blast choosing, exchanging, adding your own color ideas!

Intarsia knitting involves separate lengths of each color and twisting them
when you finish one and start another...... continue reading

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