Loopy - Loop boucle mohair

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Loopy is spun with a super strong wool/nylon core. Made from fibre that is strong and remarkably soft. Kid mohair is from the first shearing from the young goat and is the softest mohair imaginable. 

It can be knit as a single strand to yield a fabric that is open, airy and light weight. Or ply it with another yarn for a heavier, denser cloth with more drape. Including this yarn will ensure a lovely drape and sumptuous texture to your cloth. This beautiful large loop mohair, makes a beautiful blanket, or mixed with Koigu Kersti or Koigu Chelsea yarn, would make a stunning coat!  

Excellent for knitting, crochet, or makes a lovely weft. Loopy is great for curly caps, Santa beards and long hair for dolls . 

Hand dyed, by the women at Koigu. 

  • 96% Kid Mohair 4% Nylon

  • 200yds / 183m

  • 9sts/ 4" /10cm

  • 9mm/13US needles


Some orders may be dyed for, expect a 5 day delay. 

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