Woodlot Buttons Large Ash.  Single Button.

Woodlot Buttons Large Ash. Single Button.

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Local artisan hand made buttons.  

how buttons are made: these buttons are cut, sanded, drilled & oven dried (to make sure they are totally dry!) and then finished with pure tung oil, all by me : ) they'll smell a bit nutty b/c tung oil is pressed from the nuts of the china- nut tree~

CARE: wood buttons are handwash only. please do not leave submerged in water. wood buttons with bark are more decorative in nature. they are not meant for in and out of button holes and shouldn’t be soaked in water or the bark may come loose. They make great accents to hats, cowls, mitts, pillows, journals...

Description per wood: 


Large Ash:  Ash wood made into large 2” buttons, all buttons have a dual tone pattern.  Single buttons